MBA Life: Italian Dailies

1. School started. I’m trying to get used to the mode of being back. There are a lot of readings to do, the classes are sporadically scheduled, and most of the students including me are having some issues with some school policies.

2. I moved to my new apartment this past weekend, so a lot of IKEA, supermarket, small store trips were made. I haven’t finish cleaning up my room but once I am finished, the final product will be posted. I hope soon if I get my act together.

3. I didn’t have wifi since last Friday, so my web browsing was limited to downloading my class readings. I temporarily bought an internet key for the meantime until our apartment gets connected. Italian system takes about 1-2 weeks to send in a router, among other things, but that would be a topic for another post.

A lot of adjustments, attitude and personality, need to be made.. My patience has been tested very well here.

To be honest, I am quite overwhelmed right now with a lot of things. I am glad that my Questura (permit to stay papers) will be done with by tomorrow, at least for the next two months till I get the actual card. So that’s one thing off my loooonnnggg list of things to do. Actually, it’s not even an actual list written down, more of a list ‘air’ written down by my head.


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