MBA Life: Why Italy?

Did I make the right decision? In retrospect, I had my reasons of why I came here.

1) Learning in a different setting, different country, different educational system will be a good experience.

— Now that I am actually experiencing it, it has been a great challenge for me and I don’t know if I like it or not. While searching online on how student life in the US business school are, I can’t help but think a “what if” scenario — what if I did my MBA in the US, would I feel differently than what I feel now?

2) I want a focused MBA, not just the general MBA.

— I took this program because one of its sub-specialty is in the Fashion and Luxury Goods. At the moment, we are studying the general management courses and it’s a little bit overwhelming to be crammed with so much information in this whole 12 weeks. Thinking about it now, a 2-year program doesn’t sound too bad. Then, again if I think about it, investing 2 years will be too much money and time out of my life and I want to go back to work after this whole ordeal is done.

3) In Italy —

ever since I arrived here, all I “explored” was the city of Bologna and it’s neighbor town, Ferrara. I haven’t had the chance or the time to actually go explore other parts of Italy, while my colleagues has taken opportunity to do so (I honestly don’t know how they managed to do so and at the same time do the gigantic amount of school work that we have to do).

Anyway, maybe I’m just feeling a sudden life crisis. In two weeks, I’ll be going to Florence. Screw readings.


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