MBA Life

I thought that I would be the consistent blogger who would write and post pictures of her adventures in Italy. I was the contrary. MBA took most of my time and whenever I get an ounce of free time, I’d rather enjoy it having aperitivo with colleagues or perusing the web for inspiration and news.

Moving on..

IT is exactly 1 more month till the first term of the MBA year is over. I can’t believe that 2 months have gone by already. I remember quite vividly how I scrambled to make myself “legal” to study here. Now, I am a legally staying in Italy because I now have in my possession the hard copy of my permesso di soggiorno.

My Italian is progressing slowly but surely. In the span of two days, I found myself in new situations where I had to churn up words from my growing vocabulary in order to say that I want my blanket dry cleaned (our washer has too small of an opening to fit a matrimoniale/queen size blanket), to buying chocolates from haggard looking ladies at the ciocco show and to exchange a camicetta/blouse I bought because it has a stain on the left manica/sleeve. I think I am starting to learn to be more patient with myself when it comes to learning the language, I’ve had unsolicited advices from strangers — I had an old guy tell me “calma, calma” meaning take it slowly,  when I was trying to ask for a bottle of water and I got tongue tied. Learning a new language is not so easy, however, the pay off in the end is so sweet that learning it is not a pain at all.

MBA is going pretty well, as I’ve said before it is very intensive and time consuming. But I am really glad that I’ve chosen to go down this road, I’m learning new concepts that I never thought I would enjoy learning before. I have more appreciation for how the exchange rate system works and also how the stock market works (at least in this case I have a basic theory of how it works). Also, because I had to  work in groups A LOT, I have learned how to deal with different personalities and different cultures.

So there you have it, I may not be able to post until the term is over (by that time I will be relaxing and spending time with the family back home for the holidays).

Ci parliamo a presto!


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