day 5: bullet your day

* woke up
* went to Bologna Centrale
* rode the fast train to Rome Termini
* arrived at 11:45 in Rome
* exit train station, search begins to find my bed and breakfast place
* got stubborn and didn’t follow the route I planned, got lost because of it, but its all good.
* found place at exactly 12p (time I told the place that I will arrive
* settled in room.. not too shabby
* at 1p, I started my journey
* Trevi fountain
* Spanish steps
* strolled via Condotti’s designer shops, went inside Valentino to ogle at some studly shoes
* back to Spanish steps, to sit and look at map.
* started walking towards the Pantheon
* saw Temple of Hadrian, a bit sad looking given its surroundings
* got hungry so decided to stop and eat at a touristy spot, had cacio e pepe and carbonara..
* walked towards the Pantheon – an ahhh experience
* after Pantheon, decided to take a quick peek at the ancient ruins
* saw Area Sacra, where I’ve proven my college professor’s statement that every ruin that you see in Rome you will find cats roaming around..
* somehow passed by Palazzo Venezia, where Mussolini’s Balcony is located and I somehow dismissed it, have to go back there
* took a picture of the grandeur that is — Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II
* walk towards the Trajan column and forums of Caesar, Trajan and Augustus.
* more walking
* started to see a glimpse of the Colosseo… sigh
* walk towards the Colosseo and saw the light…
* got a glimpse of Arch of Constantine
* decided that I’m too tired to sight see and walked back to my b&b

typing on the iPod is a batch..


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