Food Culture: Awareness of the Food you are eating

I’ve been wanting to purchase quinoa ever since I tried it during market week. It tastes similar to rice, but crunchier.

Recently, I came across this Quinoa (keen-wah) article from the Kitchn website. The article spoke about how the craze of Quinoa in the US is turning out to be a double-edged sword for the Bolivians and Peruvians, who pioneered the harvesting of this ‘super food’. Quinoa, which is a basic part of their everyday diet have recently been too expensive for some to acquire due to its global demand.

This article changed my whole perspective on buying quinoa from Peru or Bolivia. So when I went to the supermarket, I tried to search for made in US quinoa and found this Bob’s Red Mill brand. The brand itself is from Oregon, but I’m not quite sure where they do manufacturing.

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