Friday Advice

These are venerable job search/interview tips that I acquired from various resources:

1) Cater your resume to the position you are applying for.

How to do this when you have 0 experience in that kind of position?

– Well, think about your past experiences and the skills you’ve acquired from these experiences — 9 out of 10 chances those skills are transferable.

– Read the job description like you would read a literature book (Shakespeare, Huckleberry Finn, etc. You get the picture). Analyze the heck out of that job description and think of how to word your resume to cater to that job description. What I do is I take key words from the description and infuse them into my resume. Doing so will help your resume bypass those pesky robot scanning systems and get it to the hands of an actual human being.

2) Practice prior to your interview.

– Research the company. I mean, you wouldn’t know how to write a paper on how malaria is affecting the livelihood of South Africans if you don’t do your research, right?

– Cater your answers to the company. Remember, it’s all about selling your brand to the company.

3) Wear professional AND comfortable clothes for your interview.

– Fidgeting during an interview is a good sign to the hiring manager that you wouldn’t be able to focus and concentrate on the job.

– Need inspiration for what to wear? Join Pinterest and start pinning!


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