Paris Travel Tips


My trip to Paris has given me quite a few travel lessons. 

1) Always read the fine print carefully (having worked in retail for x amount of years, you would think I would have had this down).

2) Always be alert of your surroundings, NIGHT, DAY, DAWN, DUSK. 

3) 1 and 2 euro coins will be your best friend. No matter how heavy they make your wallet feel, never be without them.

4) Call before trekking to a restaurant to see if they are open or not. Otherwise, your one hour of searching for this hole in the wall place will be really pointless.

5) Metro will be your best friend when your feet decides to give up on you.

6) There’s always something to do in Paris, just make sure that it’s the right day or time to do it (i.e. make note of the museum hours during the week).

7) Don’t go overboard with the prints or paintings you buy —- it’s easy to do so. 

8) Never travel alone in Paris.


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