Beauty: How my money is helping the beauty industry grow


I read this article this morning. It is so interesting to see how your spending habits in a particular category of consumer goods is helping out an industry grow.

I don’t remember what sparked my interest in cosmetics. I guess it started out when my skin broke out —- this was when I was still in the Philippines — and my sister suggested that I purchase the Proactiv system, because it helps out with fighting break outs and such. I don’t use Proactiv anymore — I believe my skin was immunized to its effects as I see no further improvements to my continuously erratic skin behavior. I moved on to other ways in containing my skin problems, which leads me to my beauty spending habits:

1 – I went through a phase of seeking foundation for my skin type. I learned that foundation, depending on its formulation, can help cover up skin problems ranging from acne to skin discolorations.

2 – Then, I went on a hunt to replace the Proactiv system that I used for more than 10 years. I tried different products, most of them caused me to break out even more, which then led me to the idea that trying out different products is never good for your skin.

3 – I sometimes buy products base solely on the packaging. It’s shallow, but this is one way the industry gets you to buy the products. There is a department within beauty companies solely in charge of package development.

4 – I watch several beauty gurus on Youtube — Lisa Eldridge, MakeupbyTiffanyD, emilyNoel83. The makeup products these taste makers use are sometimes what prompts me to buy.

Can you imagine a world without beauty products? It’s very hard not to.

How my money is helping the beauty industry grow


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