Thoughts: Career

Continuing the ‘Friday is Career Day’ postings… here are a few career-related things I’ve learned/read –

1 – You took the time to create the resume, the cover letter, and the follow up email and you still haven’t heard anything? You want to follow up again, but you feel that it’s borderline stalker-ish and annoying. But if you don’t follow up, you’re easily seen as the person who just gives up.

Honestly, half of your job search consists of a lot of ‘catch-22’ moments. It’s totally up to you on choosing which path to follow, just make sure you will be comfortable with whatever you choose in the end.

2 – Most of the time your emotional intelligence shows through your job applications and you don’t even realize it. Spend some time thinking and analyzing what you put in your application packet before hitting the submit button.

3 – But it’s definitely ok to put some sort of personality in your application packet. It just shows that you’re an actual living person and not a robot with no feelings at all.


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