I saw this link on Pinterest and it inspired me MORE to work the crap out. You see I’m treading in the middle of “spare tire” and “stress tummy” at the moment and it ain’t a pretty site.

I figured, I already have enough to deal with at the moment, so why not challenge myself to do an exercise routine. It’s easy enough, I know it will pay off in the end, and my clothes will fit much better.

So far, here’s the routine I have created for myself. It’s a combination of exercises I saw from Fitsugar, Sam and Nic’s Bodytalk Youtube, and my high school gym teacher (who was notorious for pushing her students to do abs and cardio before doing the sports play). 

1) 40 reps of the scissors/bicycle.

2) 16 reps of side plank (on each side)

3) 16 reps of plank

4) 16 reps of push up (with legs/thigh on the floor beginner version)

5) 16 reps of thigh exercise

6) 16 reps of back and triceps exercise using my lovely water jug

Hopefully, this routine will pave the way for me to go back into yoga and have the core that these ladies have.


image source: zimbio.com


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