Transparency in the production chain of the Fashion/Beauty Industry

During business school, our concentration took on a project assigned to us by one of our professors. This project was about uncovering the different aspects that goes into production and supply chain management of the “Made in Italy” brands. For most of us, it was quite easy to locate the production methods of the brands we chose, as a lot of them are very transparent in letting their consumers know how and where the products that they buy come from. The only thing missing from the chain is which suppliers these brands use, however, one can surmise easily who these suppliers are just by carefully scrutinizing the industry of where these brands are produced.

Supply chain and production transparency is of utmost important these days. The explosion of the “Green” movement has led some to be more aware of what goes into the products they use. Tapping into such consumer awareness should be part the short and long term strategies of these fashion and beauty companies. Not only will they be able to retain loyal customers, but they will also be able to gain respect of others who are not too familiar with their brand.

Transparency in the production chain of the Fashion/Beauty Industry


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