Roasted Bone Marrow

I have finally ended my seemingly daunting search for bone marrow bones in NY. I was at the Pacific Supermarket, 3 stops away from my stop, and there it was calling out to me saying, “here I am! I only cause a pretty $1.xx”.

Anyway, I have then made it my mission to cook roasted bone marrow today following this recipe. For the parsley salad, I opted out of capers since I am not a big fan of them. I used honey wheat bread instead of the regular french bread that the recipe uses.

I was first introduced to roasted bone marrow at this gastropub in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood called Quinn’s. After that place, I have never again eaten it roasted other than cooking and eating it the Filipino way —- “Bulalo” style. Then last year when I went home for Thanksgiving, my sister introduced me to this restaurant at Bellevue Place called Koral that serves bone marrow, roasted style. Since then I was hooked to this dish.

Some fun facts:

Anthony Bourdain considers roasted bone marrow as his comfort food and apparently this stuff is actually healthy for you (in moderate amount of course).


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