Evisor Webinar – Interviewing at a Startup

Last Tuesday, I participated at an online webinar provided by Evisors. The webinar was about how to approach an interview with a startup company and hosted by Birchbox‘s Director of Recruiting, Melissa Enbar.


Here are a few tips I noted:

Before the interview:

  1. Utilize online resources such as About.Me and LinkedIn. Post your resumes on these websites because recruiters do search your online profiles, so make sure to beef them up.
  2. Use social media to connect with the startup company of your choice. Comment on their posts. Don’t just be a lurker. Do not trash talk them if they do something you don’t like, because in today’s technology, word gets around quickly!
  3. Utilize offline resources as well. Attend event panels at startup incubators. This is a good opportunity to meet and connect with startup founders and executives who attend these events.
  4. When applying for a position at a startup company, think first about what you can do for them. Startup companies value people who are curious, innovative, who can put their ideas into action, and who can take on more than what they are hired to do.

  5. Startup companies are crazy and constantly changing. You have to be adaptable and flexible.
  6. Research what the startup founders’ values are, you can do this by reading the about page of the company’s website or researching them on the net.
  7. Write a cover letter. Convey why you are right for the job and what differentiates you from the rest of the pack. Startups get a ton of applications, so it is important that you can convey yourself differently.

Once you get the interview:

  1. Be eager to take on the role that you applied for. Be enthusiastic about the position and convey that you are more than capable of being an expert in that position.
  2. When you are transitioning at a startup be more curious and inquisitive about the role than the salary you will get.
  3. As for salary, be ready to make the startup market salary. Be aware by researching the market rates and be ready to make some changes in order to accommodate the lifestyle you want to have once you get the job.

Useful Links:


image sources: Birchbox and Evisors



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