New Beauty Items

New Beauty Items
I’ve been trying to brainstorm how to best feature beauty on this blog. I have way too many travel photos to go through, so taking pictures was not such a good idea. So, I went to the next best thing — Polyvore.

L’Oreal True Match Lumi

After having great results with the Revlon Nearly Naked, which I really like because of the “melt in your face” foundation that it is, I decided to try another drugstore foundation. I’ve been reading good reviews about this L’Oreal one, so after much deliberation and too many trips to the drugstore, I decided to purchase it.

Target Aromatherapy Candle in “Choose Beautiful” and in “Choose Happiness”

I was at Target last weekend and saw that they have an amazing selection of scented candles. Of course being the candle fiend that I am, I just had to buy some (four to be exact). I like scents that are fruity or flowery so these caught my nasal buds’ desires, plus, the packaging is amazing!

Klorane Makeup Remover 

I ran out of my 500ml Bioderma Makeup Remover (actually, I still have a small amount left, which I am reserving for eye makeup snafus) and I couldn’t bring myself to purchase it at an exorbitant price when I know that one can get 2 bottles of 500ml for 17 euros at a French pharmacie. I was at Duane Reade yesterday and saw this one with an Allure “Best of Beauty 2012” stamp on it, so I just had to try it out. The price I paid  for this one was $23 —  ok I know it’s not much of a price difference from the Bioderma in Amazon, but still.



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