Birchbox: How they paved a lucrative path in the beauty industry


BirchboxI discovered this company about a year ago during business school. The story behind the brand is very inspiring and the founders are two ladies who are Harvard MBA graduates. Birchbox is a discovery-based platform that sends out personalized samples each month to their subscribers. The brand’s differentiation from their competitors is that they let consumers review the samples in their site and in return, they award them with a number of points that they can use towards the purchase of full-size products in their online store. In addition, the company provides editorial content that shows how their subscribers can use the samples they receive. The picture above attempts to show what encompasses Birchbox as a company.

What drew me to this company was how they made a breakthrough in the beauty industry. They cleared the gap for brands, who produce and distribute samples but have no procedure in place to track the ROI of those samples.

As a business school, Harvard gave rise to quite a few women MBA graduates who went on and started successful companies, like Gilt and Rent-The-Runway. This just proves that Harvard’s MBA program is innovative and quite helpful to budding entrepreneurs out there.


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