New York Must See: Museum of Arts and Design


I’m taking a break from international travel posts to give you a taste of what NYC has to offer.

About three weeks ago, I visited the Museum of Arts & Design here in New York to view the “Art of Scent” Exhibition that they had. I forgot to take pictures of how they set up the scent exhibition, but you can view pictures here to get an idea.  They made the set up so innovative and easy for people to experience the exhibition and you can tell that they want the “scents” to take over the whole theme of the floor. The area had ample ventilation because it wasn’t too pungent once you walked into the room.

The pictures I above are of the ones I took of the Contemporary Glass Exhibition currently on display at the museum. They were the ones that caught my eyes as I peruse through the collection, especially Peter Bynum’s “Untitled No. 202” work.

When you visit New York and you’re the type of traveler who likes to take the off the beaten path tour of the city, pencil in a visit at the MAD. The museum can easily be located as it is in the south side of Columbus Circle. Make sure to take a picture of the building itself — I didn’t, which I am kicking myself for not doing.  As you can see from above, it appeals to your senses in an architecture manner.

(MAD Museum exterior view photo: Unknown photographer, photo taken from this link. Copyright infringement not intended.)


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