Across the Tiber: Trastevere

Trastevere. I would not have thought of visiting this Roman town if it weren’t for the suggestion of my colleague. The area exudes authenticity.. la dolce vita… basically, the essence of what it’s like to be an Italian.

The area is located on the west side of Rome’s centro storico and can be accessed by either bus, or if you want the exercise, by walking.  Once you arrive, you’ll instantly feel like you’re in another world. You will see VERY few tourists around the area (it’s the best kept Roman secret), MANY restaurants, MANY hidden alleys, and small Mom and Pop shops.

Make sure to walk to the center of the town where you’ll see Sta. Maria Trastevere. If you get there early in the morning, have un caffe at one of the coffee shops or if you get there during lunch time, grab a seat outside to get a good view of the church, the fountain right in front, and the local action.


Sta. Maria Trastevere in the heart of the town.


One of the many hidden alleys in Trastevere.


La Scaletta
Via della Scala, 8, 00153 Rome, Italy (Trastevere)
(I highly recommend this one if you want to dine with the locals!)

One of the many reasons why I love Trastevere is the plethora of authentic Roman restaurants around the area. Granted, there were some that are “pretend”, but the good ones are not that hard to find when you really look.

So make sure to add this to your list of areas to visit when you plan that Roman vacation. I promise you won’t regret it.


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