Bag Shopping

Bag Shopping

1. Celine Mini Luggage
2. Celine Trapeze
3. Kate Spade Quilt Tote
4. Celine Trapeze

I’m not much of a bag person. If you peruse through my closet you will see more shoes and you’ll probably judge my less than stellar bag collection. Every time I shop for a bag, I usually end up leaving the store empty handed. The ones that I look at are either “not big”, “too slouchy”, “too boxy”, “not enough room”, “not enough pockets”, “no zipper”, “hard to open”, etc. So you see, I am pretty picky when it comes to bags.

When I do see a bag that I like, and I mean truly like, it ends up being too costly or too cheap looking for me. It is no secret that the bags featured on this post are heavily knocked-off by many and based on personal experience, buying cheap ones usually end up costing you more.

Therefore, I will start a process of “fund-raising” for the right bag. I’ll set up a savings account for the sole purpose of buying one of these featured bags. I don’t know which one will make the cut or when my target date of purchase will be, but it will definitely be featured here once it is done.



  1. Oh my I feel u ! not much for bags either, and also Very picky when it comes to buying one, has to be perfect, and it’s hard to find those perfect ones… and as u say, they’re usually quite pricy, oh love to the celine bag! ❤

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