Sunny Sunday at the New York Public Library

Last Sunday, a huge bout of indecisiveness attacked me. I wanted to go out and enjoy the sunny weather, but I didn’t know where to head to.

So, I did what I used to do when I was in Bologna.. I went out of the apartment, walked around the neighborhood, and finally, rode the subway into Manhattan.

I initially wanted to walk around Fashion Avenue to see if there are any stores that sell cheap flats. But after walking aimlessly and turning the wrong direction, I found myself strolling uptown on 5th Avenue. During this time, I finally saw Lord and Taylor’s Department Store, where I went inside to check out the Friends and Family sale they were having (I didn’t buy anything). Then, I strolled towards 42nd and saw that the New York Public Library was open to the public.

I strolled inside the library to see what it looks like and it was quite a surprise when I found out that it was better than it was depicted on Sex and the City The Movie.


The ceilings were painted on as if it were the ceilings of an Italian museum. The columns have markings etched on them depicting the different families who made donations to the library. In essence, I can’t describe how pretty the interiors of this place look like, you just have to be there to be awestruck.

I remembered from one of the blogs I read that the Map Room is a place to see in here, unfortunately for me, it is close on Sundays. So, I climbed to the third floor and saw the reading room and the research room. Strolling around the third floor reminded me so much of my college days in UW’s libraries.

One of the things that I need to tweak is my indecisive nature when it comes to discovering something new. I used to be so driven by a new place that I want to discover everything that it has to offer, but unfortunately, I lost sight of that ever since I went through my job hunting phase. I shouldn’t make excuses. NY is such a magnificent place to discover new things and it is very important to not lose sight of that in spite of the hardships that one goes through. So, here’s to discovering something new everyday.



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