Hair Crush

Hair Crush

As I have learned quite recently, it is not a good idea to ignore your hair’s health. For the longest time I have made that cardinal sin, but now I resolve to kick that bad habit away from my lifestyle.

For your information, I have thin and wavy hair. If I don’t shampoo for two days straight, it gets oily. If I don’t brush it right after the shower, it gets frizzy. If the weather is windy, it will typically be a bad hair day for me.

For most of my teen years, I’ve kept it to a manageable length (read: short). Now it has grown past my shoulder and I can create a full bun with it (with some teasing) with no problem.

The ladies I showcase above are what I call my hair “goddesses”. Every time I see an editorial or a street shot of them, they always seem to have the perfect coif. Granted, I know that they have minions of stylists at their disposal, but it’s always nice to have a couple of inspiration to follow.


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