Skincare merges with Haircare

If you’ve read my previous two posts, you can infer that I dedicate only 20% of my time to haircare. I never cared about hair because I was so used to the “wash and go” routine that worked so well with short hair. Now that I have more awareness on the matter, I’d like to focus my attention on making up for the lost time with my hair.

So, we talked about hair goddesses. We talked about my favorite hair products. Now let’s talk about what’s trending in the industry…

Have you heard of Pantene’s BB Cream for hair? I’m sure you did if you watch YouTube videos of your favorite beauty gurus.

And what every skin BB Cream in the market claims, this BB Cream hair claims as well. Multitasker? CHECK! 10 solutions in one step? CHECK!

Now I never rode the BB Cream bandwagon because A. I have acne ridden skin, so the texture and coverage ain’t going to cut it for me and B. I have read from countless blogs that American BB Creams were not formulated the same way as the original Asian BB Creams (you can do a quick Google search of this). So now the question is, will I ride on the hair BB Cream wagon? Probably not.    Why? Because they claim the exact same thing as what skincare BB cream does. Let’s decipher:

Pantene Hair BB Cream Claim = Skin BB Cream Claim

• Repair for Rough Hair = Repair Dry Skin
• Strength Against Damage = Protects against UV damage
• Silky Softness = Hydrates to a silky finish
• Brilliant Shine = Reduce pore size
• Smoothing = Seamless smooth coverage
• Moisture = Moisturizes the skin
• Frizz Control = Reduce wrinkles and other skin imperfections
• Heat Protection = fights against free radicals
• Manageability = Controls blemishes
• Tamed Flyaways = Manages oil

See the wordplay there? But of course you don’t have to take any of these words of mine to heart. After all, I am only one opinion.

What about you? Any opinion on the whole hair BB cream matter? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the comments!


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