Decorating the Apartment



1. Parsons Desk vs. 2.  Ikea Sofa Bed 

3. Baxton Studio Fiorenza White Plastic Armchair with Wood Eiffel Legs vs. 4. Ikea Dining Table Set 1


5. Ikea Dining Table Set 2 vs. 6. Expedit Bookcase 

The month of May will be dedicated to New Furnishings. I recently signed a lease to a studio apartment (more like a pseudo 1 BR) and with that comes furnishing the place to make it my own.

I thought choosing between two pairs of shoes was hard. But it turns out choosing between a dining table and a bookcase is an even harder task. You have to think about functionality, the make of the whole system, how sturdy it is, how long it will last you, would it be feasible to disassemble if you were to move out of the apartment, does it go with your whole design aesthetic .. I mean I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

I’ve read that taking the time to choose is a better choice than buying everything at once. I’m trying my best to put myself in that kind of mindset because I do not have the means to buy everything at once OR the means to go to a store, carry out the product, and assemble it all by myself.

Yep, adult life =)



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