If I can’t describe it as lazy…

It’s official. I have fallen off the face of the social media and blogging world. There are way too many things on my plate that I can’t even begin to think of how to tackle each one of them.

Baby steps.. yes.

1. New Job

My new position has been very challenging. I work as a regulatory analyst, aka, researching cosmetic regulations domestic and international and making recommendations on where the brand can launch. It’s a daunting task to do this research because I have to be extra certain of what I relay to my team. I love it though because I get to see a different side of product development.

I thought about creating a whole new content for this blog about cosmetic regulations alone, but if understanding them is quite hard enough, relaying them in a public space in layman’s term will be even tougher to do.

One day when things are in order I can probably create content for it.

2. New Apartment

I’ve finally made my dream come true of renting an apartment WITHOUT a roommate. It has been an expensive ride. It has caused me to worry about finances. BUT, I think this opportunity would not have been given to me if I couldn’t handle it.

3. Finances

To put it lightly, finances are a bit of a wreck at the moment. The days of living “loosely” have crept up on me and of course, I’m paying for it quite dearly. However, I think that strategizing would be the best option for me at this point since tackling everything at once has been proven to be too much to handle.

I will have to schedule a time for blogging and social media. I will have to schedule a time for workouts, as well as meeting up with friends.

What about you? How’s life treating you these days?


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