Inspire Someone Today

If there was a theme that I can use to sum up the last 3 weeks of my life it would be this:

inspired + freaked out

I have been so busy moving my things out of my 1st NY apartment into my current one. I have realized that I acquired TOO MUCH personal care stuff, too much that I shouldn’t have to step inside a drugstore or a Sephora unless I ran out of something critical. 

But it’s been a joy. I have somewhat prioritize my life right now. I figured to slow my pace in buying furniture/decor since I can’t really eat those. 

Right now, it’s all about getting settled, scheduling a routine for myself, and budgetting the heck out of my salary. Hopefully, I should be able to write and play with Photoshop again soon. 

In the meantime, I give you snapshots of my new place: Inspired

  1. Threshold Dinnerware Set I bought from Goodwill. It’s white and rectangular and I LOVE IT. 
  2. Black Ghost Chair from Amazon. Again, I LOVE IT. (The price went down even more. Get it while it’s hot!)
  3. This is the current set up of my living space. When I get some breathing room, I plan on purchasing this and this to complete the look. 
  4. I entered my kitchen last Saturday morning and saw this. The sun’s rays was shining through my window and it illuminated this side of the kitchen quite nicely. I LOVE IT. 

Lastly, I live you with this quote that I saw on Pinterest — take the time to inspire someone today



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