In a Nutshell, I want to do this sometime in the next 5 years —

I wrote this post two years ago thinking that I will be working in the fashion product development/product management area. It is so funny how events that transpire within the course of time can affect what you are doing now.

The italicized sentences describe the job title I was looking at back then. If I remember correctly, it was a Concept Designer position at a retail company. It’s so funny how my comments (in bold) sound so juvenile and inane to me now. I guess it’s true what they say, time makes you grow up.

  1. YESStyle seasonal presentation rooms that feature current and/or relevant cultural themes, mood images, color and print direction, key looks, foundational items, and accessories.
  2. YESCollaborate with designers and merchants during brainstorm meetings, sketch reviews, fittings, and design reviews in order to help steer the collections in directions that are consistent with marketplace trends and also appropriate for the brand.
  3. OMG YES!Seek out global trends and under-the-radar cultural influences through international and domestic travel, shopping, and market/consumer research.
  4. WHAT I USUALLY DO EVERY SINGLE DAY IN THE COMPUTER, ONLY I’M DOING IT AS A HOBBY –  Conduct research for trend direction by utilizing and analyzing the offerings of trend forecasting companies, fashion publications, fashion sites/blogs, and trade shows, and through street reports from trend-forward cities, domestic and abroad.
  5. WHENEVER FASHION MONTH ROLLS AROUND, I’M GLUED TO WWW.STYLE.COMPresent seasonal runway reports that track shifts within seasons, and analyze trends, and analyze how what’s happening in ready-to-wear will impact the brand.
  6. YESInvestigate category-specific research for detailed analysis on areas of concern (silhouette, fabric, color, & fit analysis in addition to competitor comparison) when needed.
  7. YES, because Fashion Week, CFDA and brand collaboration is awesome  Assist EVP and VP of Designs in any special projects including but not limited to Fashion Week presentations, CFDA endeavors, and external brand collaboration.
  8. I’M NOT A JOURNALIST, BUT HELL I CAN MAKE THOSE CONTACTS!Utilize frequent communication with editorial and retail contacts to determine emerging, trend-forward developments in the fashion business.
  9. YESCollaborate with the Concept team’s Director and Men’s and Body Designers to insure that the seasonal concepts feel consistent across all categories.

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