How Fashion Affects our Lives

Join me as I interpret Katarina Kuruc’s writing from “Fashion as communication: A semiotic analysis of fashion on ‘Sex and the City'”.

Historically, different fashion trends originated with the upper classes of society and were later adopted by the lower classes with the hope that by following the trends of the wealthy, the lower classes would be able to raise their social standing within society.

Based on observation, historical and modern fashion society do not differ from one another. Our modern day fashion society upper class are the editors, celebrities, and designers. The consumers, you and I for example, follow the trends these upper class create, design, or write about in order to raise our own social standing in the fashion world. Fashion bloggers like BryanBoy, raised their own social standing in the system by creating a platform to express how they interpret fashion trends.

Within contemporary society, on the other hand, fashion takes on more connotative values where styles and trends change relatively quickly for a variety of social, psychological, and political reasons.

It is true that designer collections are heavily influenced by what is happening around the world. For example, between 2008  and 2009 designer collections trended more on the minimalistic side, an obvious effect of the economic recession that took place during that period.

During Fall/Winter 2013, Marc Jacobs’ fashion show was heavily influenced by bad weather effects. It was reported that Marc Jacobs’ newly built house in New York’s West Village was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Subsequently, the blizzard that took place last week during New York’s Fall/Winter 2013 shows, affected  the scheduling of his two shows.

On a different note, fashion also affects the lives of the people who work to create those clothes you see in shops. Those Louboutins’ you own? They were made by Italian artisans in an Italian town called San Mauro Pascoli. That Chanel haute couture gown you saw during couture shows? That is Lagerfeld’s design, but you know who worked long hours to put that look together? The diligent ladies of the Chanel workshop.



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