Chic Office Attire

Inspiration: Office Attire

Vanessa Larson

Work 10

It can be really difficult to dress for the office while looking stylish and work appropriate.  Too often I see women dress exactly like men do in corporate positions – black suit, blue button down, ugly shoes.  In fact, this is the exact way I dressed in my extremely short lived career in Finance.  It was easier to blend in and I somehow thought this would make people take me more seriously.  I thought that if I dressed like a man I would fit into a man’s world.  I was wrong.  Not about fitting into a man’s world but about trying to do so by loosing my femininity and my style.  Many years later, I have realized that my power lies in being myself and standing out from the crowd.  That being said, I believe that there is office appropriate attire and that is not what you necessarily wear to…

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