Photo Wall Ideas

I love photo walls. I started to build one in my kitchen with Instagram pictures of my travels.

Thinking Inside the Box

by Jennifer Paddock

Putting your favourite photos on the wall is a great way to celebrate the people closest to you and to remind yourself of some of your treasured memories and amazing events in your life.

Photo walls personalise your space and can be used as chic design features as well.

Here are some of my favourite photo wall ideas:

travel photo wallThe Travel Photo / Gratitude Wall

Send yourself postcards from your holidays and travels with little anecdotes and memories that you would otherwise forget and create a happy memory bank. You could also add photos of special occasions with notes on the back from yourself and others. I see this wall as a ‘gratitude’ wall. A space where you can look at some of the amazing places you’ve been, some of the special people in your life and celebrate your life with gratitude.

heart shaped photosphoto wall heart shapedHeart-shaped Photo Display

I admit it’s…

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