Let’s Talk About Ted…

I first heard about Ted Talks from Gene. Initially, I downloaded a couple of podcasts to try it out and needless to say, after listening to both,  I was hooked.

For your viewing pleasure, here are my top 6 favorite Ted Talks:

1. First up is from Sheryl Sandberg on “Why we have to few women leaders”. Her talk was essentially a summary of her controversial book, although she did the talk way before she published her book.

2. Then, there’s Madeleine Albright’s “On being a woman and a diplomat” — it was more of a Q & A talk — but she summed up what it’s like to be a woman in the political world AND what a woman should do to stand out in a crowd full of critical eyes. She echos Sheryl’s book at the end of the talk by saying something along the lines of “women who does not support other women have a special place in hell”. A little to extreme in my opinion, but I agree with the context.

3. Tim Ferriss, author of the 4-Hour Work Week book, talked about how to smash the fear of anything and how to learn anything. One point of his stroke a chord in me, which was the part about learning languages.

4. Ben Dunlap, described in his Ted profile as a polymath and president of Wofford College (small liberal arts school in S. Carolina), spoke about being a lifelong learner.

5. Tony Porter, an activist on violence against women, calls out to the boys and men out there to respect the women around them by breaking free of the “man box”.

6. Finally, the child prodigy Adora Svitak from Tacoma, WA (represent!!) speaks about “what adults can learn from kids“. When you listen to her speak, it’s like you’re listening to an adult.

Have you listened to any Ted Talks lately? What are your favorite ones? Share in the comments below!


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