The Road less Traveled

Traveling off the beaten path? Count me in!

I’m not the person you will find elbowing her way through a mass of tourists just to see an 8×10 picture of a lady that’s enclosed in bullet-proof/shatter-proof glass (although I have to admit, I did do this just for the heck of it). I’m not one to eat at a restaurant JUST BECAUSE it’s on the Michelin Guide. Who am I? I like to ask locals and scour the hooves and grooves of the internet until I find that one place that nobody else has thought of.

Case in point? Porto, Portugal. I discovered this city when I was trying to figure out where to go for Spring Break 2012 (WOOT WOOT!). I heard so many things about Lisbon, but Porto? NADA.

Porto is like Lisbon’s emo sister. Quiet and edgy on the outside, but so much personality on the inside. I’m so glad that I went because it was one of the best trips I ever made when I was in Europe. Good food (and cheap!), nice people, amazing buildings, awesome wine .. sigh .. would love to go back some day.

Below is shot of Porto’s city center. You can tell by the grandeur of the buildings that it’s an awesome place to be in. It is.



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