Brilliant Business Model (or maybe even a vertical)


Birchbox jumped into this idea when they created a sample box out of the Beauty Insiders’ Choice Awards Mass Market Beauty Products Edition through their partnership with Cosmetics Executives Women. Is this the beginning of mass market sampling? I have a feeling that it is. 

Have you ever shopped around the makeup/skincare section of a drugstore?

Sure you have…


And I’m SURE you’ve felt like a crazy person gazing into an entire wall full of eye palettes, mascaras, nail polishes, moisturizers, sunscreens,, AND you’ve felt dumbfounded at not knowing what to choose.

Here’s an idea…. Drugstore Samples sent to your door.

Much like the Birchbox model, every month a box of samples gets delivered to you. You try out these samples and see which ones you like (or don’t like).

Now, I know that drugstore cosmetics are relatively cheap, therefore purchasing different foundation shades to see what fits your unique color is justified. In addition, making samples of them will probably cost more than the retail version’s cost of goods (if you work in Product Development or Production, let me know otherwise).

But is it really? An average cost for a drugstore foundation is $11, multiply that by 3 when you buy three different shades and that’s a whopping $33. Not exactly chump change. Also, if a company can sell a foundation at $11 a pop, surely they can afford making hundreds of samples right? (Again, let me know otherwise.)

So, I leave this idea to all the major beauty sample subscription companies out there, possible vertical expansion?  Or to budding entrepreneurs, new business idea?

Contact me if you need a business plan drafted. I can definitely use the regurgitation of my business school training on writing business plans.

And if you happen to put this plan into action without my help, let me know! That way I can feel good knowing that an idea of mine is ingenious!



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