My Weekend in Pictures






1 – #BirchboxLocal Event at the Chelsea Market. Here I am getting my hair turned from drab to beachy-fide.

2 – Judith getting touched up (literally) at the Jouer Cosmetics station.

3 – All the pretty colors at the Color Club Nail Station.

4 – Phillip Lim x Target Collaboration. This is the first time I dragged myself to a store during a collaboration launch date to see the entire collection — needless to say, this bag came home with me. Funny story behind this bag —  When I first looked through the collection area, I saw that the bags were sold out; from what I heard from the employees, it was like Black Friday for Fashion during the early morning (I went around 10 in the morning) and the bags were the first to fly off the shelves.

So of course, me being the person who doesn’t want to throw in the towel that easily, I “hawked” (yes that’s a word) around the apparel, shoes, and accessories area to see if there were any stragglers. I probably did that for an embarrassing amount of time until I saw an employee walking towards the collection area holding this bag. His co-workers who were manning the collection area were literally warning him to go away, unless he wanted a mob of people lunge at him for this bag.  I tried to hid my extreme enthusiasm as I walked towards him. When I approached him, I sheepishly asked, “is that someone’s bag?”. He replied, “I don’t know, is it?”, I laughed and proceeded to say “I’m literally scared of taking this from you due to the amount of people here”. But he gave the bag to me and AHHH.. VICTORY is mine.

Side Note: Queens Plaza Target employees on that day were so nice. They were extremely understanding AND SO HELPFUL. One of them even approached me and said “I’ll let you in on a secret, there’s more bags coming out and they’re coming out from the fitting area”. Of course, I had to go and see that for myself.



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