Identifying the Void

Drugstore Beauty

“Solve a problem, even if others are also present”

Problem #1: There are no testers for beauty products sold in the drugstore.

Problem #2: Because there are no testers, customers will have to resort to the next best thing — opening the products to test/try/smell/see if it’s worthy enough for them to buy.

Problem #3: When customers open these products, they become damaged and yucky enough for the next customer to buy. Drugstores lose revenue and it turn, beauty companies lose out as well (or maybe they don’t, but that’s another topic to tackle for later).

“Others who filled a void, but did not tackled the drugstore arena, YET”

1. Birchbox

2. Glossybox

3. Ipsy

Want more from this series?

#1: Liane’s Business Plan

#2: Brilliant Business Model


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