8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have

Thought Catalog

1. A go-to drink… I’m a fan of vodka sodas with lime.  I like them because vodka wasn’t an alcohol I over-drank in college (unlike SoCo and Captain Morgan) and it neither tastes good or bad, so it’s a win!  I go for a Pinot Grigio when the mood strikes, or for when I don’t feel like drinking too much but usually end up doing it anyway.  And when it comes to beer, I prefer an Allagash White or a Blue Moon.  Or Shipyard Pumpkin during the season.  Although, I have drank my fair share of Miller Lites while low on cash. (That’s generally the case.)  When you have a go-to drink, you appear to be a lady who knows what she wants.  Even if you’re out with a guy who will end up a total mistake, at least you appeared confident with your decisions for a moment in time!

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