Pinterest and Inspiration

Last weekend, I used my Photoshop CS (!!) to create a collage of pictures with clickable links (not as hard as I thought it was). However, after doing a research on how to upload html files onto WordPress, I quickly came to a very sad conclusion – I can’t upload html files onto WordPress blogs unless I have a legitimate WordPress site (the details are just irrelevant now). Anyway, the silver lining of  this, is now I know how to create clickable links through Photoshop (adding that to my list of Photoshopping skills).

So instead of a collage of pictures, I bring you articles I recently read that may be useful to you as well.

  1. The reason why one must travel abroad, alone.
  2. Not a fan of blogging? Or perhaps you don’t understand why people have blogs? Maybe reading this will help clear some things out for you.
  3. Ever wonder what it’s like finding an apartment in NY? College Prep sums it up for you.
  4. How to be THAT girl, according to Kate White (former EIC of Cosmopolitan)

Thank you @collegeprepster and @levoleague for the inspiration behind this post. 


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