more “firsts” coming my way

I know there is a certain je nes sais quoi about living in NY. The lights, Broadway, food, shopping, nightlife, and the list goes on and on. But what’s hidden behind the allure of the city is the price that one has to pay to live and breathe the New York state of mind.

a. Taxes

I had an ugly revelation yesterday. Why? Because, guess the person who didn’t research how to fill out that damn W4 form. Yep, that would be me. Prior to starting my job, I thought, “oh, this should be easy, I’ll fill it out the same way as I did back when I was in Seattle”. That thinking has now bitten me hard and it’s not even April yet.

Some tax facts for you non-US residents out there:

  • In WA, you only have to pay 1 tax, Federal.
  • In NY, you have to pay 3 taxes. Federal, NY State Tax, and if you live within the 5 boros, New York City Tax.
  • That 60K salary? After taxes, that will probably dwindle down to about 30K.

Super awesome right??

b. Rent Renewal

I’m about to embark negotiations with my landlord on my apartment’s renewal lease for the first time ever. Wish me luck!

c. Wisdom Tooth

Dentist saw it.
Said I should have it checked by a surgeon dentist.
Said I should have it taken out. ASAP.

Ugh. 2014, I still heart you, but go easy on me around summer, K?


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