richard sherman: never be afraid to speak up

I used to not like giving out opinions for a couple of reasons:

a. I always thought others would think its stupid. 

b. I always thought it would not matter. 

This whole charade continued on through my high school and college years. Sad, I know.

But, I like to think I grew out of this nonsense. Today, I’m more vocal about telling what I think/feel to the people close to me. Slowly, but surely, I am starting to give my two cents at work (with great passion no less).

Now I know this may bite me back in my ass someday because there are some people out there who don’t like it if people go against the grain. But, as this blog’s tag line says, I always ALWAYS commit to being so good that nobody can say squat about what I say.

And if for some reason, I get a pang of anxiety or nervousness whenever I’m about to speak up against someone or something, I’ll always think about Richard Sherman (cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks) and how he deals with his haters. The guy has a big mouth, no doubt about that. But, his background and his actions in the field, backs his mouth 100%.


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