One Year in Beauty

1) Sephora VIB sale was last weekend. I still don’t understand why Beauty Insiders are not allowed the same perks as VIBs and VIB Rouges.

2) March 18 marked my year in beauty. It’s been quite the year. For those of you who wonder what I do – I’m a personal care regulations analyst. I research domestic and global regulations that pertain to personal care. The job requires a lot of research, patience, and critical/creative thinking. I have other responsibilities as well, but the aforementioned sums it up.


3) New products I tried last weekend:

MUFE Mat Velvet+

Test drove this one during the weekend and yesterday. So far, I’m impressed with the staying power and pilling was not apparent compared to my other foundations/CC Creams.

Glam Glow Exfoliating Mask

Tingly. Exfoliating. Nothing special. I don’t get the hype.

Clinique Acne Clearing Gel

Another tingly product. I was given a sample of this to try and was really impressed by the results. This one dries up spots like it’s nobody’s business.

Top Secret XXX product


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