5 Ways to Search the Foodie in You

Several months ago, I was a cooking machine. You can find me almost every day (and night) in the kitchen whipping something away. In addition, I like discovering new restaurants which serve delicious food. I like going to food markets just to browse what the vendors have in store for their clients. Unfortunately, my machine has died down and I have now become a victim of monotonous and crappy junk.

Does that ever happen to you? One day you’re high on something and the next you just can’t stand doing it?

Pasta Amatriciana
Pasta Amatriciana

So, what does one do to get the machine back up?

1) Watch Julie & Julia – the best foodie movie there is.

2) Read food blogs. I am a fan of Food52 and Emiko Davies.

3) Revive your Pinterest Food board. Cook the recipes you pin for god’s sake.

4) Keep your kitchen/dining area clean. It helps to fire up the good old cooking spirit in you.

First Apartment Kitchen

5) If all of the above doesn’t work for you, search Yelp for the best [insert favorite type of food here] restaurant around your area and go there!



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