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Thanks to Groupon, I discovered kickboxing as a new form of exercise. I go to the I Love Kickboxing location on 43rd & 2nd, which is very convenient because it’s close to Grand Central and walkable from work. The instructors are drill masters (they will literally work you hard), but they make the classes fun. Each class is about an hour long and is divided into three routines – 20 minute intense warm up/stretch, 30 minute bag work, and 10 minute partner work/post workout stretch. I highly recommend purchasing the current Groupon deal they have ($50 for 10 classes, 40 minute personal intro session, and pair of gloves) before it expires.

Here are 5 reasons why I enjoy kickboxing:

1) Kickboxing targets your physical and mental state. 

The warmup + bag work targets your full body. In addition, the combos you do trains your brain, hand, and feet coordination.

2) Kickboxing relieves you from stress. 

When I have an off day, I imagine the punching bag as the conduit of my stress. After class, all is well in the world again.

3) Kickboxing is not boring

Compared to running and yoga, I do not know what routines the instructor have in store.

4) Kickboxing is social. 

5-10 minutes before the end of each class, we do partner work, which is a good way to meet people and train at the same time.

5) Kickboxing motivates me.


 What’s the one exercise you enjoy? Comment below or tweet @lianepamuspusan.



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