Blogspot: #Throwback Post

I re-discovered my old Blogspot posts and would like to share notable ones here. This one is about the goals I want to achieve by the time I’m 30. The goals definitely evolved 9 years later. 

Let’s start with the one I wrote on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2004

From 18 to 30: Tying a knot out of a very crucial decade 

A week ago, I was watching an episode of Sex and the City entitled, “Anchors Away”. It was the episode when they were talking about having 2 great loves in a lifetime and showing that having a baby changes your lifestyle from social to maternal. The episode inspired me to jot down things that I want to do before I get “tied” down. Things that I want to do before I reach the age of 30. 

Things that I want to fulfill before I reach the age of 30: 

1. Earn a degree in Biochemistry [06/2014]: This never happened. Earned a degree in Chemistry instead.

2. Travel back to Philippines after I graduate college 

3. Go island hopping, from Boracay to Mindoro to Palawan, with friends 

4. Come back to Seattle 

5. Apply to respectable medical schools [06/2014]: This never happened.

6. If I don’t get admitted in the medical schools that I’ve applied to, I will, apply for 
a researcher job in the Biotechnology field. [06/2014]: This never happened.

7. Apply to grad school and earn a masters degree in Biochemistry [06/2014]: This never happened. I applied to earn a MBA instead.

8. After grad school, I will continue studying until I get my Ph.D. in Biochemistry. [06/2014]: This never happened.

9. If grad school or Ph.D. doesn’t prevail, I will self-study or enroll myself in a photography class [06/2014]: This never happened.

10. Pursue freelance photography 

11. Create a picture portfolio 

12. Contribute an article to a magazine 

13. Design my own graphics 

14. Travel California, Hawaii, Florida and New York 

In the midst of these goals maybe I will find the man God set aside for me and be married to him. Or maybe I will still be single when I reach the age of 30. Who knows? God only knows what. I don’t know if I can manage to fulfill all these goals, but one things for sure, the past and the present has given me determination and inspiration to do what I think I want to do. Time can only tell when these goals are going to be fulfilled, but only God can tell which things will be fulfilled before I get “tied” down. 







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