Blogspot: #Throwback Post

This week’s Blogspot #Throwback takes you back to FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2004.

Comfort Zones

There’s a ton of people, places, things, or events that we all take comfort into: riding a bus, shopping, going into bookstores, playing with your computer, being with a loved one… I could go on and on with this list. So instead of blabbing on and on about what we all might think of as a comfort zone, I will blab about MY OWN comfort zones. 
1. Bookstores There’s something about being in a bookstore. I can’t fully describe it well. You know the feeling that once you enter a place, you feel like you’re at home? Well, that’s kind of what I feel when I enter a bookstore. I find myself wanting to read every synopsis of all the books stack together in a pile or the ones spreaded out on the stands.

The ironic thing about this comfort zone, however, is that I’m not an avid reader. I read once in a while, but only if the very first chapter of the book caught my attention or if it is a book that I really really wanted to read. But still, even if I’m not a book worm, bookstores still give me the feeling of being at home. 

Favorite Bookstores: Barnes and Noble AND Half-Price Bookstore. 

2. My Room

No matter how messy or clean (this rarely happens) it could get, I still find myself wanting to hang out in my room everytime I’m at home. My mom or my aunt would always have to drag me out whenever visitors are present. It’s kind of like my mini abode. It’s got everything in it, except for a TV. Whenever you go and visit me in my room, there’s a big possibility that you will catch me using the computer or listening to music while doing homework. I do everything in this room. I eat, I sleep (DUHH!), and I study in it. 


Who doesn’t love Starbucks? You can do your work, your homework, you can chat with friends, read newspapers, and play with your computer in that place. You don’t even have to buy coffee! Everyone who’s a Starbucks lover would agree with me on this: the coffee aroma that you smell once you enter the store will make you want to stay in and possibly buy a cup of joe. 

Whenever I’m in Starbucks, I always find myself buying a tall, decaf, toffee nut latte when I feel chilly or a tall, toffee nut frappucino when I feel hot. Good times. 

.::. What are your comfort zones? .::. 







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