30 by 30 Goals

I created a goal list 10 years ago on what I would like to accomplish by the time I was 30. Six of them I did not fulfill since I changed career paths. The others are still a work in progress.

Inspired by 101 in 1001 days from these bloggers, I decided to create a new list of 30 things to do before 30. I’m not sure how feasible or realistic it would be to achieve all 30 since I only have a year and a half left to fulfill all of them. However, if there’s one thing I learned from my first list, it’s that goals can change and that’s OK.


I challenge you to create the same list for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a 30 by 30, but a goal list which will help you evolve your life. Don’t forget to share the list with me by sending me a tweet @LianePamuspusan.


1) Launch a side gig
2) Network comfortably in IRL
3) Learn about toxicology in relation to cosmetics
4) Learn about copywriting
5) Volunteer


6) Travel to Spain or Greece
7) Spend a weekend unplugged
8) Make a new friend
9) Start a new tradition
10) Read books on downtime
11) Have wisdom tooth extracted
12) Visit East Coast summer getaways
13) Perfect my push ups
14) Wake up at 5:45am everyday
15) Try one smoothie recipe a week
16) Kickbox three times a week
17) Purchase coffee for a stranger
18) Print memorable Europe photos


19) Have no credit card debt
20) Own only 1 credit card
21) Start 401K
22) Keep track of all spending for a month and set budget
23) Sell 20 things and save the money earned
24) Don’t order takeout for one whole month

New York 

25) See a broadway show
26) Visit new museum
27) Attend a festival
28) Spend a day in a new neighborhood
29) Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

30) Finish 30 by 30


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