il libro: Personal MBA Part 1

I am currently reading The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman. Truth be told, this book has a been a good regurgitation of the tidbits I learned when I was in business school.


Anyway, here are some notable highlights I took away from the book:

On focusing

“Remember: You can’t reliable optimize a system’s performance across multiple variables at once. Pick the most important one and focus your efforts accordingly.”

“Focus on doing a few simple things that will produce most of the results you’re looking for, then call it a day.”

On checklists

“Create SOPs for important recurring tasks and you’ll see your productivity skyrocket.”

“Checklisting can produce major improvements in your ability to do quality work, as well as your ability to delegate work effectively.”

On resilience

“Resilience is a massively underrated quality in business. Having the toughness and flexibility to handle anything life throws at you is a major asset that can save your skin – literally and metaphorically.”

On walking away from something that’s not worth your time

“Don’t continue to pour concrete into a bottomless pit – if it’s not worth the investment, walk away.”


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