30 by 30: See a Broadway show (#25)

Today marks the last run of Of Mice and Men Broadway play. I got the chance to watch the show’s matinee run yesterday at the Longacre Theatre and it was pretty awesome. Great performances by both lead actors, Chris O’Dowd and James Franco.


After the play, James Franco came out to sign the theatre goers’ playbills. I decided to document the pandemonium, instead of being a part of it (ok fine, I admit, I did become a part of it since I wanted to take a picture of James). Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the theatre since they don’t allow photography inside (it is heavily enforced, especially at the nosebleed area).

It was a great first time experience for me, although technically this is not my first theatre show — but it was my first time to watch one in New York! Some takeaways/observations for me:

  1. I will never pick a seat in the middle of a row again.
  2. People never dress up for theatre anymore. Then again, I did watch a matinee show.
  3. Nice to know that I wasn’t the only one who had the idea of watching solo.



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