On Dealing with Long Distance Relationships

long distance relationship

It’s ok to cry when you’re saying “see you later” for the 100th time. 

Trust me, no matter how strong you think you are at holding back the tears, it will always pour down whenever you say “bye” or “see you soon”. However, this should not be an indication that you are a weak person or that you shouldn’t be in a long distance relationship. It’s a sign that you genuinely love the person that every time your part ways, you feel sad.

It’s ok to not talk everyday. 

I get it, you want to keep the “spark” alive by talking every day. But, it’s also OK to not to because this way the next time you actually do talk, you would have loads of stories to tell each other.

When you do talk, avoid distractions. 

I’m guilty of this on my own relationship, but I advise you to not follow my lead. As much as possible focus on your conversation with your significant other. After all, you’re in a long distance relationship, so talking is the only form of contact/intimacy you have with one another.



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