Summer Destination: Atlantic City

I spent the night at Atlantic City (or what the locals fondly call as AC) this past week. It was a phenomenal experience for me if only for the beach. You see, I have been deprived of beach time during this summer because I had prior commitments or I just didn’t have the chance to do so. Luckily, I had the opportunity to get the much needed time with my BFF and my family.

One thing I would suggest to you folks out there who are thinking about AC: never go on a regular weekday if you’re into the hustle and bustle. We went on a Wednesday and let me tell you it wasn’t party central at all. However, it was a good time for us to explore the town without the weekend crowd. Here is my list of what to do in AC when you’re not a party goer:

  1. Go during summer time and lounge at the beach. The waves are crazy, but AC does have a nice beach.
  2. Eat by one of the boardwalk restaurants if only for people watching.
  3. Walk the boardwalk at day AND night. It will be a long walk, but it will be worth it because of all the sights and people you will see.
  4. Have your fortune read – it’s funny to see what the tarot readers come up with. (Hint: it’s a bunch of bullhackey they get from information YOU personally give to them).
  5. Stay at the Chelsea Hotel if you’re not into gambling. They have an amazing view of the beach + they have their own pool (bonus points if you don’t like swimming in salty water). The only con about staying here is that it’s not the most accessible hotel as it is on the far end of the boardwalk.

Have you been to Atlantic City? If so, what is your fondest memory of it?








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