College: Tips on College Survival

College is a scary and exciting part of life. To college students who are settling in their dorms this school year, I hope you find these lessons I learned in 2004 useful. 


A quick trip in LESSONSville (re: COLLEGE) 

I’m in the 5th week of my fall quarter. A food for thought that I want to share with fellow college students and future college students is this: never say that you have surpassed the “vacation” syndrome. Last week, I told a friend of mine that I’m actually starting to take my coursework seriously, meaning, I have already come into terms that it’s SCHOOL time once again and that I have left the remnants of my summer vacation behind.

I was wrong.

I didn’t even have any seriousness till the last day of last weekend. It was bogus. It was merely a feeling that I felt. A feeling that led me to believe that I was already serious with work. I hate that feeling. I hate feeling like as if I’m top of my game when all the while I’m actually not. Today is the official start of 5th week, we have 6 more weeks to go before this quarter ends. When will I take this 2nd year of college seriously? When will I learn my lesson?

To future college students who are reading this blog, here are some lessons that I have learned during my 1st two years in college

1. College is a whole different ballgame. When your in high school you can get away from deadline submissions, you can get away with being absent for a class because you know that your gonna be given makeup stuff at the time you show up again. In college, when a deadline is set, you have to meet it, no exceptions, no buts, no pleases. A deadline is a deadline. You can’t skip classes, because once you do, you’ll miss a lesson or two that will not be looked at again the next day. You can’t MIA (missing in action), even if you’re sick, because you just miss a whole lotta stuff that has been “said and done”. Makeups are rarely given; you’re lucky if you’re prof is considerate enough to grant you one. 

2. You have to be self-reliant once you enter college especially when it comes to acads. You only do the dependent game, when your in a group doing a project or a research, but most of the time, it’s only you who need to remind yourself that you have to keep up with all the deadlines and all the readings. 

3. Being an adult equals being responsible. Teachers does not do “reminding” over and over again, they consider that the fact that your in college means that your responsible for your own actions, for college IS the start of adult life. 

4. It’s good to have friends to share college experiences with. Socialize with your blocks. Join an org or a club to meet new people. 

5. Budget your time well. Prioritize. 

6. Use “break” times wisely. If you don’t, your study schedule will suffer alongside with your acads. 

7. Always treat yourself after a midterm, a project, a paper or even a quiz. You deserve it. 

8. College is a time for soul searching, i.e. figuring out what you want to do with your life AFTER college. 

9. Remember that family is always there to support, no matter what.

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