Cibo: Sunnyside’s Salt & Fat

If you are looking for an off the beaten path restaurant during your visit to New York City, look no further than Sunnyside’s Salt & Fat. A perfect escape from the City’s tourist trap restaurants, this casual and intimate place situated along the south side of Queens Boulevard caters to anyone who enjoys fusion style cooking.

In one word, I would describe the food as delicious (groundbreaking, I know). If you are familiar with tapas style food portions, then the portions at Salt & Fat will not be foreign to you. The dinner menu contains 15 choices that are made to be shared. I personally like the scallops, roasted carrot puree, truffled corn salsa, and capers – the blend of flavors is amazing and lives up to the name of the restaurant. The Yellowtail Tartare is another favorite of mine – if you are a fan of the sushi version, you must order this!

If you like pairing your meal with a beverage, the restaurant offers a medium size beer and wine selection. As for their dessert menu, do not expect it to be the same number of choices as the dinner menu. They currently have three offerings and one of them is the chef’s special that rotates every week.

Metro: 7 Local to 40th & Lowery
Price: $$
Food: Delish!

Scallops, roasted carrot puree, truffled corn salsa, and capers


Yellowtail tartare, yuzu gel, scallions, cassava chips



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