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I have a love/hate relationship with social media. On one side, I am completely fascinated about the infinite possibilities you can do with it:

Plus, have you tried using analytic tools to see how your social sites are trending? They’re addicting!

The other side is how others can use it to define who you are. Unless, you come across a person who shares EVERYTHING on social media, you only get a small glimpse of a person’s life from their channels. You can’t immediately judge someone’s strengths or weaknesses based on how they put themselves on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Unfortunately, reality is otherwise.

I have come across several “how to use X social media to boost your Y skill” articles and frankly, unless you have a business that utilizes social media, these articles make me cringe. When social media was initially created, they were merely tools to have fun and be creative with. Now it’s all about the bottomline and what you as a user bring to the table. If your Instagram photos have no signature look, it’s automatically a mish mosh of unrelated photos. Have only 100 followers on Twitter? Wow, you suck at engaging people on Twitter! Being on top of what you need to do as a personal user is exhausting.

I am not writing to simply complain about the current state of social media. I’m only sharing my observation. As a social media user, I will continue to use my channels based on how I see fit.  Lastly, I will continue to be fascinated on how people and businesses are pushing the boundaries of social media (hello, Steller!).

If you are on these channels, feel free to peruse through my feeds!



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